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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It depends on what you've ordered! We keep our processing time between 5 -10 business days and then your goodies will be shipped via USPS Priority (1-3 business days).

If you've ordered a clutch - we make each one custom to order, so it may take the full processing time to complete. Please be patient with us, we are a small business not a factory and we want it to look perfect for you. Sometimes we have one ready on hand and will send it sooner!

I have an event I want to bring my bag to next week, are you able to get it to me ASAP??

We are HAPPY to work with you on specific timelines. Please be sure you reach out to us directly and we can discuss getting it to you quickly. The sooner we are aware of it, the quicker we can work to get it to you in time!

What is the BEST way for me to care for my bag?

1. Please do not "overstuff" your bag by putting too much into it, if you have to force it closed please rearrange or take something out.

2. Try not to leave your clutch in the heat! No hot garages or cars for extended periods of time.

3. When storing or traveling try to keep your clutch away from other accessories so it does not get scratched.

4. If your crystals look a little dull don't worry! We recommend using a microfiber cloth with a light spray of windex or a very light amount of water and gently rub off any smudges, it should be sparkling like new!

I'm looking for a design I don't see on your Shop page, am I able to get it?

We love doing brand new designs or doing a different color combination of a clutch we have available! If there is a design you'd love to get but don't see it available for purchase please head to our Customs page or send us an email and we will get back to you.

If you saw a design on our social media but don't see it listed here - please reach out, we can easily discuss and take payment for it over the phone!

I'm having an issue with my bag, what do I do?

Please reach out to us as soon as you see a problem with your clutch! We are proud to say that our products very rarely have any defects but if something is defective it should be apparent right away. We stand by our products and will make it right.

If you've developed any issues after loving and using your clutch, we are also happy to look at the issue and see what we can do to fix it, though there may be a fee for the repair - especially if there has been obvious mistreatment in the care of your purchase.

I want to use this clutch for my conceal carry, will my gun fit?

We are happy to say that many compact hand guns or "pocket pistols" will fit inside our clutches! A model we know will fit easily:

Beretta 3032 Tomcat - Length: 4.92" Height: 3.7" Width: 1.1"

Anything similar in size of these dimensions should be ok, as the Beretta has a bit of wiggle room. The biggest issue we find is paying attention to height & width so that the clutch can still close easily.

When in doubt, please contact us directly with questions about a specific gun model!

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