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Starr Wren


Behind The Scenes

I'm a fun loving girl who just loves to design.  I started my handbag business by playing around with materials to make myself a bag to match a gown for an upcoming Ball I was attending.  I was tired of seeing all the same old designs and shapes and those prices, yikes!  So I created my own bag and got rave reviews, all of my girlfriends wanted one, next their friends etc... So that's how it all began, quite by accident.  I  started selling them in many high end boutiques across the country. 


After 10 years of success and fun, I started my first line of little bags,  to match a mommy bag for a client, and so it began again. Now my total focus is this new line.  I am having so much fun coming up with new designs. I like to say they are made with love and I hope when yours arrives you feel that too.




Special thanks to our team: Debbie, Denise, Courtney, and Jordan we would not be here without you!

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